Nursery & Preschool --Check In --

Thank you so much for being in the service with us today.

As a parent, dropping my nursery or pre-school age child off at church has always been a stressful experience. 

At Eastwood we want to do our best to remove any anxiety you may have when it comes to the safety and well-being of your child.

As you check in, a trained volunteer will help you choose a pager so we can be in contact with you during the service.

In ddition to this we will have a sticker that you fill out and then place on the back of your child. This will help the nursery volunteers know your childs name, any special needs, and your pager number.

You as the parent or guardian will keep the top portion of the sticker, and when the service is over you will give them your portion so they can match it to your child's sticker. As you will see on the sticker there are two sets of matching numbers.This will provide extra security for your family while you are with us. 

If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way feel free to ask any of our adult volunteers.

Nursery Sticker
























During the 9:45 Sunday school hour you will fill out this sticker as you drop off your 2yr old -- Kindergartener.

If you are comming to the 11:00 service we have what is called Wiggly Worship for your 2yr old -- Kindergartener. We would love to have your child with us while you are in the Worship Service.

Children that are in Sunday school will be taken to the Wiggly Worship classroom when Sunday school is over so there is no need to check them in twice.

2yr. old -- Kindergarten sticker